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Developed and published by Machine Zone, Game of War: Fire Age is a massive multiplayer online strategy video game that has got everyone engrossed and battling for the supremacy of kingdoms.

Such has been the popularity of the Game of War: Fire Age that it was one of the top-grossing applications in the year 2014.

Gamers were mesmerized with games such as Age of Empires and the games stemming from World of Warcraft series. This game has taken the city building mechanics of both the games to perfection and put them under one banner.

You just need to gather resources as they are the ones that will allow you to make high rise, garner and nurture your troops and build various other strategies to be supreme.

war fire age on mac

Game of War Download for Mac:

Game of War: Fire Age has a gameplay that is not very different from the host of other mobile games where you are required to wait for a preset amount of time for an action to be successfully accomplished. You can cut out the work by using real money in order to have the tasks done much more quickly.

As said before that the game is a multiplayer online one, you just need to strike conversations and join hands in order to form alliances with players from various parts of the world.

The game’s in-built chat system makes use of a Google-based translator that enables you to have conversations with players easily. So not only you join forces, but also will be getting the chance of meeting new people that broadens everyone’s thinking horizons.

Keep your eyes and minds alert and be careful who you strike partnerships with; since everyone is in a quest to grow their kingdom and may join forces with each other. The fact that someone or the other will turn their back to you for his/her benefit cannot be ignored.

war fire age for mac

Install Game of War on Mac:

There are numerous ways that enable users to use Game of War: Fire Age on Mac system. For building and creating your much cherished kingdom with Game of War: Fire Age for a bigger device, please follow the below listed steps-

  • First Download and install the PC emulator- Bluestacks.
  • Once done you can simply download the .apk file for the game ‘Game of War: Fire Age’
  • Game of War: Fire Age can be downloaded from Google Play Store already provided in Bluestacks’,
  • just search for “Game of War: Fire Age” which will download game directly.
  • Now just keep going along with the instructions that would be appearing in order to have a successful installation.

The game calls for extreme strategies in order to establish and build a kingdom. You have to play using absolute concentrating along with narrowing further down on some special aspects such as areas to research, soldiers to undergo multiple gruelling training sessions, the different and unique traps to set for enemies and intruders along with various other things.

Along with these major stuff, you also have to pay attention to the respective global events that take place in the game where you can make yourself counted among the best in business.


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