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The Simpsons, which had been one of America’s longest animated series, is now available to you and of course to millions of ardent fans of the TV series across the globe in the form of a mobile game. Technology and game developing giants, Electronic Arts Mobile has developed and published the game and have managed to publish smiles all over the world!

Create your own distinct Springfield version with The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The game provides you with characters from the show with the help of whom, you can create your respective Springfield environment.

About Simpsons on Mac:

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is ranked high when it comes to dishing out timely updates. The updates keep up with the seasonal happenings and events that are eagerly awaited. As seasonal activities such as Thanksgiving and Halloween, the game dishes out updates that are totally apt and relevant, thereby making it all the more interesting and intuitive.

the simpsons for mac

Language- No Bar!

Individuals speaking varied languages can now easily play The Simpsons: Tapped Out with extreme ease! The global audience was carefully kept in mind and hence, The Simpsons: Tapped Out is available in French, Italian and in many other languages as well, that can easily cater to players from different nationalities conversing in different lingos.


Homer Simpson’s passion for donuts in the actual series was in the vision and owing to that you can buy premium items with real world money via remuneration in the form of donuts.

As a part of the gameplay you have to collect characters prevalent in the series and they have to be sent on missions and used to complete tasks to progress in the game.

As you complete the tasks successfully you are rewarded with well, DONUTS! In a bid to progress in the game you will be required to complete the family of Homer Simpson.

the simpsons on mac

Download the Simpsons for Mac:

With users’ preferences changing with every passing day, the pressure is immense on the respective developers for catering the masses in a bid to retain them and sustain the very required user base. To bring to life the mobile version of games and applications on the personal computers, developers have created PC emulators to bridge the present gap.

A PC emulator named Bluestacks makes this possible. Through the .apk file of games and applications users can use them on their Mac systems. For that, Download Bluestacks first.

After installing Bluestacks on the Mac systems, you can easily download the files for The Simpsons: Tapped Out by first searching it, then downloading the respective link and then finally installing it. When all done, just start living and completing tasks by doubling up as Homer Simpson!

Bear in mind, you are HOMER SIMPSON! This game with so many listed along with many other features, will surely keep you glued with your respective smartphone or mobile device. After all, reliving your favourite character is truly something that cannot be easily missed out.


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