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HybridTech Energy strives on a daily basis to bring you the most up to date Water Fuel technology.
Our products can save you and/or your business thousands of dollars annually.

HHO Torch

This is an example of the HybridTech Energy AquaFlame. This particular unit is great for cutting metals up to 1" thick, and it can be mounted on a truck for easy ON DEMAND Access. The AquaFlame HHO Torch is also completely scalable to allow for greater thicknesses of metals to be cut, currently up to 12 inches thick!

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HybridTech AquaFlame Quick Facts:
  • Units can run on 110 volts or 220 volts depending on the size and application of the machine.
  • The gas used for the flame is created ON DEMAND from WATER using HybridTech Energy's Patent Pending Hydrogen Production Technology.
  • Eliminates the need for acetylene or mapp gas in welding and cutting applications.
  • Very Tight, Laser-like flame reduces "collateral damage" and excess heating of metal, compared to acetylene.
  • ZERO Toxins, the only off-gas from the flame is WATER VAPOR which is completely harmless.
  • Cuts made using AquaFlame Technology are rust-proof! The flame is an oxidizing flame, which makes a super hard oxidation layer on the cut surface which eliminates rust or other oxidation from penetrating the metal.
  • LITTLE or NO Machining Required! The cut using an HHO Torch is in most cases perfectly smooth and clean. This can all but eliminate the need for costly machining and grinding after cuts.
  • Approximately 10 x's more cost effective than using Acetylene, while reducing worker sick days and has zero emissions.
  • In most cases, using AquaFlame HHO Torch Technology is 30% faster than using Acetylene to do the same work.
  • In Cutting Operations, you will reduce your need for additional oxygen by 40% or more. In many cases no additional oxygen is needed.

AquaFlame HHO Torch Applications:

  • Plumbing
  • Cutting Heavy Metals
  • Jewelry Industry (Jewelry Micro Torches available for In-Store Zero Emissions Applications)
  • Soldering for any application with ONE gas, no Exotic Gases Necessary.
  • Welding Cast Iron and Copper with no flux, less cooling time needed.
  • Welds Aluminium with Flux Core rod with ease.
  • Automatic Cutting Torch Applications
  • Ship Yards
  • Muffler Shops
  • Fabrication Shops
  • OFFSHORE P&A WORK, Eliminate Costs and Hazards of Working with and Moving Acetylene.

By using AquaFlame technology, you can eliminate the costs and health risks to you and your employees that come with the use, and storage of potentially explosive gases like Acetylene.

HybridTech Energy is dedicated to bringing you more user friendly and less expensive ways to help your business run more efficiently, and most importantly, with a higher degree of safety for your personnel. Contact us today for a quote!

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